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Watch Why We Need to Remember

Why we need to remember! In this unusual communion service, Pastor Jake reminds us why, as people, we value the importance of remembrance. Do we remember who God really is? More sermon by Pastor Jake

God Speaks Through Circumstances, A Sermon

God speaks through circumstances. Pastor Jake started last Sabbath's sermon by looking at the story of Israel in Egypt. Indeed, by observing Moses and others, he draws lessons applicable for us today. Watch more sermons by Pastor Jake

How to Better Understand Our Journey With God

Pastor Jake had an interesting sermon on how we can better understand our journey with God. Indeed, as we are all struggling with current world events, it is a crucial message in this time of introspection. He first takes the example of Moses fleeing Egypt after committing murder. Pastor...

What on Earth Are We Doing Here, Part 2

Pastor Jake preaches the second part of his sermon asking what on earth we are doing here. He takes the example of Israel's exodus and applies it to our lives today. It's a powerful message on the promises of God amidst the harshest adversities. More sermons...

When Alone in the Desert of Life

Pastor Jagos Ivanovic talks to us about how God works miracles. When we are alone, at our lowest and most vulnerable, He is there. Taking Israel's 40-year walk through the desert as an example, he shows us that our God is one of deliverance and power. The sermon starts...