Church Family Chat and Other Family Ministries Initiatives

Beginning this Monday (May 4) from 7-8 pm we will be hosting a zoom Family Chat. Church members can join to fellowship with and support one another. This will be an ongoing weekly meeting, every Monday at 7 pm. Joining the meeting is as easy as clicking the link or calling (647) 374-4685 or (647) 558-0588 and enter the meeting ID 856 3186 1804 and password 977276.

2020 Report

Our Family Ministries team started off 2020 on a high note with many activities and events that we were planning. We introduced our first-ever Parent Café just as COVID started to take root here in Canada. Our café opened on March 6, 2020, and gave us an opportunity to fellowship with one another and enjoy some snacks. The global pandemic quickly shut us down but we wouldn’t give up. COVID has kept us isolated from one another and put a halt to our other plans, but we said “Not today, COVID.”  We wanted to provide an outlet for our church family to still be able to fellowship together outside of our weekly Sabbath worship and mid-week prayer meeting. And so, the Willowdale Church Family Chat was born. On Monday evenings, since May 4, 2020, we have been hosting our weekly Family Chat on Zoom. Monday nights are an amazing night of fellowship where we get together informally and provide an outlet for our church family. It is a time to support one another, learn about each other, draw closer to God and have a ton of fun. Many laughs are had on Monday nights, as Pastor Jake can attest to. 😊 Our Family Chats are there to give our church family the chance to “get away” from everything going on and find comfort (and a good time) with one another. While isolation has been difficult, especially for those who live alone, and our physical separation from one another continues, our weekly chat gives us a chance to come together virtually. I invite you to join our Family Chat on Monday nights. We love you and can’t wait to see you!

The Family Ministry would also like to point to a few very helpful resources in these difficult times.

Here is some background info regarding the first three resources by Shaunti Feldhahn.

The Kindness Challenge

The premise is that you choose a person, or your family, to do 3 things for a period of 30 days.

  1. Don’t say anything negative to them or about them.
  2. Find something about them to sincerely praise/affirm; tell the person & tell someone else.
  3. Do a small acts of kindness/generosity for them.

Research has found that this improves 89% of relationships. You can do this for your spouse, your children, pretty much anyone. And there are creative ways to do this for people who do not live with you during this time of isolation & social distancing. It is important that while we are confined to our homes with each other that we do not get exasperated. We can avoid this by being mindful and purposing to be kind to one another.

There are FREE resources about this online at People can sign up for free to do this to help build relationships.

Thriving in Love & Money

The other book is ‘Thriving in Love & Money.’ This is not a book about budgeting or getting out of debt, rather it focuses on relationships. The greatest obstacle that Feldhahn found in her research is our lack of wanting to sit down with our spouse to talk about money. Communication is key. And in order to close the gap we need to first understand ourselves and then understand our spouse. Especially now, with many people out of work, money is a big concern and poses a strain in many relationships. She has an assessment tool online along with many other free resources.

Revival & Reformation

Finally, the last link, the revival & reformation website from the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It provides a plethora of resources for Bible study, prayer, and more that people may find beneficial.

We hope to see you on Mondays!

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