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Watch “Possible Impossibilities”

Pastor Romando offered a wonderful sermon on the possible impossibilities of life. He drew from his personal call to be a minister. He then looked at the example of Sarah in Genesis 18 and reminded us that God still performs miracles. More sermons from Pastor Romando

God With Us – A Call to Fight Injustice

In his first sermon at Willowdale, Pastor Romando shook us to the core with a cry for justice and a reminder of what it means to have God with us. Unfortunately, so many people of color endure racism and injustice daily. However, the recent death of George Floyd is...

Welcome Pastor Romando Carey

We would like to offer a warm welcome to Pastor Romando Carey. He will beĀ our new Field Experience Pastor. As a result, he will be working in our church for the next six weeks as part of his ministerial studies. Contact our pastoral staff