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Sabbath, September 5, 2020 – All Programs and Announcements

We aim to close the digital divide among the members of our congregation. If some friends or relatives can't join our online streaming service, please tell them they can join by phone. They can call (647) 558-0588 and enter the meeting ID: 875 8799 4632. Worship Service Program Welcome, Offering...

Don’t Look Back, A Sermon by Pastor Godsoe

"Don't Look Back!" Pastor Godsoe's sermon looks at the command God gave to Lot's wife. Hence, he explained how the Bible invites us to focus forward. We look toward our heavenly home, toward God's promises. However, we must recognize it's far from easy and we are often like Lot's...

Moving – A Sermon

Pastor Godsoe talks about faith. A moving faith. Indeed, the faith that comes from moving as Abraham himself demonstrated. it's a thought-provoking message. It's also a wonderful invitation to have a real introspection about the status of our relationship with our Savior. More sermons from Pastor...

#ThrowbackThursday – Retrospective

What a retrospective. On September 28, 2013, Pastor Godsoe looks at how churches and church members grow in Christ. He invited the audience to think about how we can be better followers of Jesus. It is thus a fascinating retrospective since it forces us to evaluate whether we met...

#ThrowbackThursday – Be a Voice for Freedom

On January 26, 2013, Pastor Darren Godsoe reminded us that we all need to be a voice for freedom. That particular day was "religious liberty Sabbath". Hence, Pastor Godsoe had a message about the importance of the Sabbath day in the fight for freedom in the world. He looked...