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Watch What It Means to Strengthen, Survive, and Strive

During our Master Guide Sabbath, Dallon, Victoria, and Joel shared what it means to strengthen, survive, and strive during this pandemic. Watch more Willowdale sermons

#ThrowbackThursday – Breaking News

Listen to this sermon entitled "Breaking News". On this day, December 3, 2016, Master Guide Verna Guarin invites us to see ourselves passing through the doors of heaven. Can we do it? More #ThrowbackThursday sermons

Watch Why We Need to Remember

Why we need to remember! In this unusual communion service, Pastor Jake reminds us why, as people, we value the importance of remembrance. Do we remember who God really is? More sermon by Pastor Jake

#ThrowbackThursday – Light In The Darkness

Are we fighting in darkness or for light? Are we shining light in our darkness? On November 22, 2014, Pastor Godsoe explored what it meant to have Jesus as the light of the world. More #ThrowbackThursday sermon

Sermon – Saving the Sick, Understanding God’s Ministry of Healing

In his sermon entitled "Saving the Sick", Pastor Godsoe tackled common assumptions about God's ministry of healing. How can we have a strong and biblical understanding of what it means to pray for healing? More sermons by Pastor Godsoe