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Singles Seminar at Hamilton East Seventh-day Adventist Church

We were recently made aware of a seminar for targeting singles held at the Hamilton East Seventh-day Adventist Church.

“Who You Say I Am” Seminar For Adult Singles

Update: October 16, 2020 Here's the list of upcoming presentations. Original announcement on September 10, 2020 A Virtual Conference for Adult Singles "Who You Say I Am? Personality & Spirituality":  Let’s explore how our personality affects our spirituality and relationships with others.  Drs. David & Beverley Sedlacek will be presenting how our...

Let’s Connect – Men’s and Women’s Forum

Here’s a message about the Men's and Women's Forum. The message comes from Pastors Elizabeth and Orlando Pule, Co-Directors Family | Singles | Women | Men’s Ministry. Hi Friends, We are so excited to have these conversations next week with you all. Please note that there are 2 separate spaces, one for...