Tag: Youth & Young Adults Ministries

Reading Week – Revamped!

Willowdale will be hosting a youth program on October 7, 11, and 13 geared for ages 16 and up. University students are encouraged to attend as it should coincide with Reading Week.

Thrive Together Summit 2022

The Thrive Together Summit will be held November 18-20, 2022, at Camp Shalom, Cambridge, ON (see flyer). This summit is the annual empowerment event for young adults (ages 20-35+) from Ontario’s churches and public campuses in a safe, rustic environment. The purpose of this initiative is to engage young adults...

Youth Vespers Starting on October 14

Willowdale will hold youth vespers every second Friday of the month, starting on October 14. Pastor Kwon will lead the program in the youth chapel between 7 pm and 9 pm.

Update Summer Youth & Young Adult Vespers

Update July 22, 2022 Time: 8:00 pm Date: Saturday, July 23 Location: Crawford field Worship Topic: "Faith of the Centurion" Extra notes: There will be snacks, activities, and games. And since we will be...

Southern Ontario Camp Meeting This Weekend

The virtual Southern Ontario Camp Meeting is taking place this weekend, June 3 to 5. The region of Southern Ontario is inviting the world to its camp meeting unpacking the secrets of enduring faith in these last days. All weekend, attendees will be inspired by messages from speakers from...