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Special Music – Be Thou My Vision

Sarah Leah sings "Be Thou My Vision". This traditional Christian hymn comes from an Irish poem. It was first published in 1912. Enjoy more special music

Blessings, A Special Number

Cameron and Khajha-lee sing "Blessings". It's a song about God's mercies in disguise. And, indeed, it is a true blessing to hear them perform this wonderful special number. Watch more special numbers

Special Music – When He Cometh

Bryce sings the famous hymn When He Cometh. His sweet voice reminds us that Jesus' coming is near. More special music

Special Music – Praise You In the Storm

Sue offers a powerful rendition of the song "Praise You In the Storm". As we all go through storms, her performance is both uplifting and moving. Watch more musical performances

Willowdale Rewind: Special Number – Adoration

Our Willowdale congregation didn't have a worship service last Sabbath as we all joined the Ontario Conference camp meeting virtual event. As a result, we are looking back at our previous programs. Today, we revisit the most popular special number. Sarah Leah plays Adoration. This piece by Felix Borowsky...