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In Memory of Martha Filipchuk

We express our condolences to Elizabeth Filipchuk on the passing of her mother. The former Willowdale member, Martha Filipchuk, passed on Sunday, April 26, at the age of 95.  However, current COVID-19 restrictions only allow for a small private family funeral.

It’s a Love Relationship

In case you missed it, last Sabbath, Pastor Ida Smith explored the nature of our love relationship with God and each other in these difficult times. It's a great and uplifting sermon to share with those around you. Watch more sermons

A Word From the Family of Richard Kruger

After the sad passing of Richard Kruger, his family sent us a few words we’d like to share: We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the love, support, and prayers of our church family. As we come to terms with our loss. We’d especially like to thank those...