Be Ready: 4 Short Sermons for 1 Powerful Calling.

Last Sabbath was Youth Sabbath, and we had the privilege of listening to a four-part sermon on being ready for God.

How Are We Preparing?

The first presenter, Nicholas, looked at how we are preparing ourselves for God’s calling. God’s plan for us is for our benefit. Nicholas looked at the example of Moses and highlighted the fact that we can all answer our calling, regardless of our age. Moses was no longer a “young lad,” but he managed to lead one of the greatest exoduses in history.

How Are We Ready for Service?

The second speaker was Nathan, who looked at how we can be ready for service. He starts by opening the sixth and seventh chapters of the book of Judges. In them, we read the story of Gideon, who had to get ready before he could start battling the Midianites. One thing we notice is that Gideon rid himself and his men of all that would be a detriment to their call and service. A powerful lesson in a crowded, busy, and distracted society.

How Are We Ready for the Last Days?

Sydney shares a very personal and thoughtful experience about her struggles in university with her coding classes. Thinking she could do it all by herself, she hit one brick wall after another. It’s only after realizing her need for help that she got out of this tough situation. She then dives into Scriptures to look at pertinent examples of leaders that struggled with the same problem. From Moses arguing with God to Jonah running away from Him, we all can relate. However, Sydney then contrasts these stories with Noah’s and looks at the lesson it teaches us about being ready during the Earth’s last days.

How Are We Ready for Christ’s return?

Abigail concludes this four-part sermon by looking at how we should prepare and be ready for Christ’s second coming. She takes a practical approach, moving away from traditional eschatological issues to explore personal implications. After all, this isn’t about being ready for a test, but having our hearts prepared to meet our Savior. Looking at James 1:27, she draws a powerful message about caring for one another and keeping ourselves pure. In these times of social injustice and moral compromises, there couldn’t be a more urgent cry.

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