Young Adult Camp Frenda Retreat

Get ready, young adults of Willowdale! 🎉 We’re gearing up for an unforgettable adventure to Frenda from April 5th to 7th! 🌟 And guess what? We’ve got an incredible guest speaker lined up: none other than the dynamic In Pyo Hong, Associate Youth Director at the Ontario Conference! 🙌 Get pumped for a weekend packed with fun, worship, and unforgettable bonding moments! 💥 If you’re as excited as we are (and why wouldn’t you be?), be sure to follow us on Instagram @willowdalesdayam or shoot us an email at [email protected] for all the juicy details about this event and our future shindigs! 📩 Registration? Oh, it’s a breeze! Just head over to our Instagram account for all the deets. And don’t forget to check out In Pyo Hong’s bio for a sneak peek into what’s in store! See you there! 🎊

In Pyo Hong Bio

Find below the speaker’s biography.

I (In Pyo Hong) was born in South Korea. Growing up in Korea as Pastor’s kid, I promised God that I will never ever become a pastor. But somebody did say, ‘Never say never’ and it was very true. My life was turned upside down, inside out.

I came to U.S to study at Oklahoma Academy to learn English and find his future. And there I truly experienced God and broke the promise that I made and decided to become a pastor.

From there I went on to study in Southern Adventist University in Tennessee where I received a B.A. in Theology. Although in between the study, I had to go back to South Korea to serve in the army for two years, I was determined to finish and become a pastor.
My family and I started our ministry in 2011 served at Toronto Korean SDA Church. Then to Immanuel SDA Church, then to Hamilton Mountain SDA Ch. In 2023, I was elected as Associate Youth Director of Ontario Conference, working mainly with ACF, Young Adult and Compassion Ministry.

I love to work with youth and young adults in every way possible to help them understand the love of God. And with those energy and passion, I go forth with young people in the community to serve the community and help them understand the love of God.
I am married to Anna Kim and I am blessed to have her by my side in life and ministry. We also have been blessed with three children, Sung Moon, Alina, and Ashley.
We are excited to see what God has in store for us in the years to come in our adventure of ministry and living for God.

young Adult Camp Frenda Retreat


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