Church Family Picture Video Collage

Our Church Photographer Leader is planning to compile another church family picture video collage to be presented during our worship service on December 26.  Each family is invited to submit one picture with a Christmas or winter theme.

So who should submit a picture?

– Generally, we are limiting this to one picture per household.

– If you are a single adult person, you can submit a picture of just yourself or of yourself with other family members.

– In a household with more than one adult generation living in the same residence, each adult generation may submit one picture.

– So, for example, in a household where an older person or couple lives with their adult child and perhaps their grandchildren, the adult child may submit a picture, and the older generation can also submit one picture – whether it be just of themselves, of themselves with their children, of themselves with their grandchildren, or of themselves with all their descendants.

     In this time of social distancing, it is extra enjoyable to see pictures of our church family – this time in a Christmas or winter setting.  It can be a recent picture from this season or something from the near or distant past.

     Digital pictures must be submitted to the Secretary at the Church Office by no later than Saturday, December 19.


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