Canadian Adventist Ministries of Compassion

Following Willowdale’s Offering Designation Calendar, any loose or undesignated offering received from December 6 – 12 will be allocated to Freewill Offering, which is distributed with a portion going to the Willowdale Church Budget, a portion to the Ontario Conference Advance, and a portion to the World Budget. However, in most Adventist Churches in Canada today, the loose offering collected is specifically designated for Canadian Adventist Ministries of Compassion. This offering is the primary funding source for community service projects in Ontario. In COVID-19 times, these funds are essential to maintain outreach work in our communities and provide needed relief to those struggling with homelessness, job loss, financial instability, poverty, and social as well as culture-related challenges. It is from these funds at the Conference that our own active Willowdale Community Services department can request funding to support our own local initiatives. While a small portion of the Freewill Offering we collect this week will be allotted to the Ministries of Compassion fund, if you wish to give directly to this offering please mark your donation – whether in writing or electronically – as “Ministries of Compassion”.


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