Sabbath, June 13, 2020

Worship Service Program

  • Welcome Sue Mathi
  • Announcements & Offering Call Andrew Conroy
  • Live Segue to Youth Day Sue Mathi
  • Welcome Video Teresa Bruce and Dallon Godsoe
  • Prayer Video Pastor Romando Carey
  • Children’s Story Judson and Kevin Lall
  • Intro to Scripture Reading Sue Mathi
  • Scripture Reading Video Highschool Class
  • Live Sermon Intro 1 Andrew Conroy
  • Sermon Video Nicholas Conroy
  • Live Sermon Intro 2 Sue Mathi
  • Sermon Video Nathan Deguire
  • Live Sermon Intro 3 Andrew Conroy
  • Sermon Video Sydney Bruce
  • Live Sermon Intro 4 Sue Mathi
  • Sermon Video Abigail Mathi-Amorim
  • Closing Remarks Pastor Sam Sinnanainar
  • Virtual Choir Video Highschool Choir
  • Closing Prayer Pastor Sam Sinnanainar

Sabbath Morning Activities

Sabbath Afternoon Activities

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