COVID-19 Notice: Toward a Reopening of Willowdale Church

We are glad to announce that the Willowdale Church is working toward reopening its building. Last week, the church board created a special committee tasked to establish safety measures in compliance with government and Ontario Conference directives. The goal is to enable some members to physically attend our Sabbath worship service and at the same time minimize the threat of COVID-19 outbreak.

We do not have a date yet. However, we will provide weekly updates. However, we already know that anyone who wishes to physically visit our church building will have to register and get a ticket. Government regulations are forcing us to limit capacity. As a result, we will have to restrict access only to those who register. The registration will help us manage the number of people allowed to be physically present in the church premises. We will alert you as soon as the registration form is available on our website.

In the meantime, we are preparing a survey to better understand your expectations. Additionally, we invite you to email your comments or suggestions. Please use the contact form on the website. We also request you to pray for the reopening committee and ask the Holy Spirit to give its members wisdom as they tackle this unique challenge.


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