What You Need to Know About the Re-opening of the Worship Service

Watch the Re-opening videos here

As our Church Board has considered the recommendations and diligent work of the Re-opening Committee, we have arrived at a re-opening date of Saturday, November 7, for the beginning of in-person, physically present, Sabbath morning worship services.

Please take note of these two very important points:

1) Our Sabbath morning worship service will include both a live congregation physically in the building, as well as continued live-streaming for our virtual attendance. We will be adhering to very strict protocols for those physically attending the service, including things such as required pre-registration, physical spacing, and masking, directed one-way traffic flow, assigned seating, and limitations on the activities of those who attend.  Safety limitations will mean that more of our attendees at our worship service will be joining virtually than will be attending in the building.  The Church will remain closed other than for limited attendance at the Saturday morning worship service.

2) The situation with COVID-19 continues to be very fluid and constantly changing.  Regulations and requirements from our church risk management department, along with federal, provincial, and municipal governments can be adjusted at any time.  The November 7 re-opening date and protocols are subject to cancellation or change depending on updated directives.  November 7 is not a promise or entitlement – but rather our planned intention based on information available at this time.

While we look forward to being able to worship together in the same physical space again, we most of all want to be diligent and wise to remain safe.  It is very important that you take note of the information that will be presented in our worship service announcements, as well as on our website, to be able to determine if physical attendance is right for you.

  1. P.S. I tried to sign myself up and there was no Registration form on your website as yet? Janet or somebody please call me. Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks, Sher


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