Pastor’s Corner: Potluck Is the Point

Pastor Glenn DeSilva

It has been a frantic and busy week at Willowdale, and through it all, “I have lived and survived in the goodness of the Lord.” Reviewing my pastoral calendar over the month has provided me with the realization that the good Lord has charted my calendar and agenda items. Someone has said, “If the Lord brings you to it, He will see you through it.” I have sensed that there are members of Willowdale who have prayed over and for their pastoral staff. Pastor Henry, Pastor Kim, and I are so appreciative that we have been carried on by the prayers of God’s people.

This Sabbath, we continue with part two of EQUIP: Putting Your Spiritual Gifts into Action. Session one, “Called to Serve”, was a message directed to our hearts. The question from the May 4th sermon was, “Why Should I Serve?” Our call to service and our willingness to serve is because redeemed people love to follow and serve Jesus. Today’s message, “Coached to Service”, answers the question, “How Should I Serve?” This question is directed to the head (decision-making center) and immediately requires a logical response. If the Holy Spirit has gifted you and me, then we need to find out what our spiritual gifts are. If you have not completed the Spiritual Gifts Inventory on page 31 of your EQUIP booklet (additional copies are available), then now is the time to assess, document, and discover your respective giftedness. Next Sabbath, we will conclude this series with “Committed to Service”, a message directed to our feet and hands (requiring action). To end the series, the question to be answered is “Will I Serve?” It fits perfectly with the creation of Willowdale’s Nominating Committee as voted by the Organizing Committee. Selected committee members will be presented shortly and voted into service by the congregation. I am so happy that the proposed nominating committee is a cross-section of our membership, taking into consideration age, gender, and ethnicity. Maintaining the diversity of Willowdale requires members who are filled and led by the Holy Spirit. The individuals who serve will have a sacred responsibility to select leaders and volunteers for the ultimate goal of advancing God’s work on earth.

Finally, this Sabbath, we will have a church fellowship potluck where we will share a meal together. As shared at the last church board meeting, sharing a meal together is crucial and vital for growing as a community of believers. Author Shawn Brace, in the April edition of the Adventist Review, shared a devotional entitled, Potluck is the Point! Brace shares,

“If you must choose between attending a church service or attending potluck, choose potluck.”

I completely understand and endorse his point in that I, as a pastor, would much rather sit at a table and talk with people than stand behind a pulpit and talk at people. Eating a meal together is the thing; it is the church. If you are not convinced, then examine the ministry of Christ, the Passover, and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb invitation. Our Saviour loves sharing a meal with the burdened, heavy-laden, and needy. Final note: this week’s church potluck is better when it is organized, children are cared for by parents, and we communicate with our inside voices (Kindergarten Rules Apply). Potluck should be a time when ministry takes place; ministry is not just about feeding the stomach, but more importantly, feeding the soul and spirit. Maranatha!

Pastor Glenn DeSilva


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