A Compassion Clinic

David Cho, who many in our church know for his heath talks, wants to raise awareness around the Compassion Health Toronto Virtual Clinic, a free virtual clinic by Adventist health professionals and young people offering telemedicine consultations to reach out to our community during the ongoing pandemic. The services offered include:

– lifestyle medicine

– naturopathic medicine

– nutrition

– mental health/psychotherapy

– family/marriage counseling

There will also be free virtual booths on nutrition, parenting, financial advice, stress reduction, exercise tips and more.

The clinic dates are May 29 and 31, 2020. Please find attached promotional posters/images regarding the clinic.

Please feel free to share this clinic with any church members, families or friends who may be experiencing health or financial challenges during this time and may benefit from these free services. People may learn more and book an appointment here: www.compassionhealthtoronto.com/.

This clinic is put on in partnership with the Berea Adventist Church and various Adventist-run clinics, businesses, and not-for-profits (please see poster).

Compassion Health Toronto is a not-for-profit organization of Adventist health professionals and students sharing the compassionate love of God with the less fortunate in Toronto through free health services. You may learn more here: www.compassionhealthtoronto.com

Our prayer is that we can touch lives with God’s love for eternity.


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