Choosing the Organizing Committee

The time has come for us to put in place a Nominating Committee to prepare for the new church officer term.  The first step in that process is to appoint an Organizing Committee whose job is to select a proposed Nominating Committee.  The Organizing Committee will consist of the Church Board members along with 5 – 7 other church members who will be selected by nominations from the floor during the announcement time at our worship service next week on February 19.  Those attending the worship service virtually will be able to make nominations for Organizing Committee members by way of the chat feature on the YouTube live stream feed, and by voice on the Zoom feed.

For your reference, the Church Board members are: Roger Amorim, Todd Bruce, Claudette Charles, David Civera, Cathy Clarke, Andrew Conroy, Teneisha Daley, Daryl Dooks, Sharon Facey, Raymund Frias, Pastor Godsoe, Ed Guarin, Learie Holas, Pastor Jake, Sameer Jadhav, Maria Paculanang, Jennifer Peart, Merlene Saunders-DeGuire, Stedbert Thomas, Rose Thompson, Asha Welds.


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