Update: Selection of the Organizing Committee, April 6

Update, April 11, 2024

Here are the names to be added to the church board to form the organizing committee:

  • Raymund Frias
  • Sidney Biondi
  • Fern Davis
  • Marc Marcos
  • Verna Guarin

Original publication, March 29, 2024

Next Sabbath, April 6, the Willowdale Church will begin the process of selecting an organizing committee. During the announcement period, members will be given a piece of paper on which they will write two names from the church membership that are not already on the Church Board.

Here are the Church Board members:

  • Stan Allen
  • Roger Amorim
  • Charles Carr
  • Claudette Charles
  • Brent Chin
  • David Civera
  • Shelly-Ann Connell
  • Andrew Conroy
  • Teneisha Daley
  • Pastor Glenn DeSilva
  • Ann Dib
  • Daryl Dooks
  • Rose Frias
  • Margarita Gitev
  • Ed Guarin
  • Pastor Evadne Henry
  • Amy Herbito
  • Oneil Iqbal
  • Pastor Dae-Eun Kim
  • Rohit Masih
  • Maria Paculanang
  • Jennifer Peart
  • Shashikala Sanjeev
  • Faith Sprengel
  • Karie Stewart




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