When Will Willowdale Church Re-open?

When Will Willowdale Church Re-open? Here’s a message from Pastor Godsoe, Head Pastor at Willowdale Seventh-day Adventist Church:

The Willowdale Church Board, at its July 14 meeting, reviewed the report of the Re-opening Committee outlining what would be required to re-open the church to physical attendance at services and what processes and limitations such physical attendance would entail.  Given what a worship service would actually look like considering the significant restrictions, along with the expense and amount of volunteer labor required to make physical attendance possible, the Board has determined to not plan to re-open the church at any specific time in the near future. The Re-opening Committee will continue to monitor the ever-changing restrictions and guidelines and will continue to map out the process required to re-open. The Church Board will revisit the updated recommendations of the Re-opening Committee at its next meeting on September 8 to see if it is then feasible to plan for a specific re-opening date. Thank you for your patience and for staying connected virtually.

Pastor Darren Godsoe


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