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Youth, aged 16 or 17, can apply for a summer position as a Stewardship Youth Ranger with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. You could spend 8 weeks working outdoors on natural resource management projects in your own community.


New Podcast Series on Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America by ALC
Episode 1: Introducing How The Church Works| LINK:

Episode 2: The Good Old Days | LINK:

Episode 3: Three Degrees | LINK:

Episode 4: The Room Where It Happens | LINK:

Episode 5: Thus Far And No Farther | LINK:

Episode 6: A Better Way Part 1 | LINK:

Episode 7: A Better Way Part 2 | LINK:


Sermon #1: THE TITHING MIRACLE by Dr. Walter Pearson (Financial Stewardship)

Discover in the Bible how God can make a difference in your financial life.

Presentation #1: ALLOWANCES AND THE VALUE OF MONEY by Marcos Bomfim (Stewardship for Children I)

This presentation is first of a series of three (1/3) aimed at parents wanting to provide a Christian financial education to their children and to prepare them to put God first in their adult life. Questions addressed by this presentation include when to start giving an allowance, how much allowance to give, mistakes that parents make in giving an allowance, and how children should be expected to use the allowance.

Presentation #2: A SIMPLE BUDGET AND USE OF MONEY by Marcos Bomfim (Stewardship for Children II)

This presentation, the second in a series of three (2/3), is aimed at parents wanting to provide a Christian financial education to their children, and to prepare them to put God first in their adult life. This presentation suggests that parents teach their children the three main uses of money, helping them to develop their first ideas of budgeting. We also revisit the concept of ‘Promise’ (regular and systematic offering), and provide guidance about how to worship during the offertory.

Webinar #1: RAIN TO RUNOFF: A STORMWATER STORY (Environmental Stewardship)

Where does the rain go? Follow the journey of stormwater runoff from our roads and parking lots to our waterways. Learn about the impacts of stormwater in a changing climate, and discover how to take action to protect drinking water, wildlife habitat and more. This event is taking place via Zoom. After registration, you will be emailed a link to join the webinar.

  • Date & Time: February 22, 2022 | Tuesday, 6:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. (EST)
  • Register at:  

Webinar #2: GET YOUR MONEY STORY GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION Part I (Financial Discipleship)

Ever been lost? Maybe you were driving down the road, but your surroundings didn’t look familiar? What should you do? In this episode, we’ll address the ONE thing that will keep you from being lost financially with a money story full of heartache and pain. You won’t want to miss this step!

  • PRESENTERS in INTERACTIVE FORMAT: Dan Schilling with Jennifer Winborn for Compass Finances God’s Way
  • VIDEO WEBINAR LINK: (Video removed by the YouTube channel)


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