New Resources for Families, Single Adults, and Men


Children and COVID-related Suicide. There has been an increase in the number of children completing suicide or practicing self-harm (cutting themselves). According to a CDC report from November “the proportion of mental health–related visits for children aged 5–11 and 12–17 years increased approximately 24%. and 31%, respectively” since 2019. Full article

A sense of belonging is important for your health and well-being, particularly during a time when we are told to maintain social distance and try not to have gatherings. Full article

Grandparenting Resources. The Legacy Coalition, which provides resources for grandparents, hosts a weekly webinar on Monday nights. For more information see here.


As family finances are considered by the government stimulus plan, it’s important to remember the single-parent households and the special needs they have. Full article


Our aging population (and that includes some of us) face health challenges we didn’t just a decade or two ago. But beside the physical challenges, some older adults are also experiencing substance abuse. Don’t just look outside of your church, perhaps church members, or even family members, may be facing this challenge, Full article

Some conditions affect men and women differently. Complete information here

This is an interesting article with ideas for men to help GynecomastiaFull article


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