Your church fighting hunger makes a difference🌾🚨

Are you aware that 828 million people in our world do not get enough food? That 345 million people are being pushed into taking desperate measures just to survive? They lack not only food on their table but also a “seat at the table.” That is why we are launching a new campaign – Justice at the Table. This fall, we are raising funds to fight against hunger – to give back the strength and empowerment that people need to rebuild their lives.

In preparation for the official launch on October 14, 2022, ADRA Canada is reaching out to conferences and churches across the country to raise awareness of the global food crisis and how they can get involved.

You will be hearing more from them throughout this campaign as they raise awareness of the crisis and how people can help. Every week, they will provide resources to share with your church.

This Friday, September 23, at 7:00 pm, they are hosting an ADRA Live event! Our guest speakers will share about the international food crisis and how ADRA is responding. We will also share more about our Justice at the Table campaign.