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Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. – James 1:19

2020 Report

Ode For an Odd Year

Oh! For an even year, 2020 was odd,
Full of woes and drama, lockdowns and sorrow,
And it was at the dawn, watching the virus grow,
That the Lord called His church, to raise His light and rod.

But could Revelation, or grand intuition,
Have anticipated, that His hope and guidance,
That His true promises, and our bright Christian stance,
Would shine on computers, His light on pixels shown?

It was thus with great glee, that Communication
Faced the fright’ning challenge, of answering the call,
To make our voices heard, loud, proud and through it all,
Yea, tall is Willowdale, amidst the commotion.

The worship is still live, and we thank thee A/V,
For streaming it weekly, for all the world to watch,
Please tell your friends to join, there are blessings to catch,
When we come together, in holy harmony.

The website is brand new, we hope you check it out,
It will keep you grounded, help you participate,
In the life of the church, for COVID cannot take,
The determination, and message we cry out.

There’s so much more to say, so visit our Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter, and share His saving grace,
For He vaccinates souls, and the world needs His face,
Yes, with an online click, can one reach Heaven’s book.

Finally, let me to say, oh, how thankful I am,
For Kathleen and Manny, Teneisha and Alden,
And for the great support, of all Willowdalian,
We strive to better serve, until we see the Lamb.


  • Note: if you know someone who’s shut-in or can’t access the website, please tell them to call the church office. We have an automated voice message system to reach them. Help us connect with each other.


  1. The best website ever.
    The live streaming of the Chruch program is super good. I thank God for the talented, bright people in A/V who made our live streaming church program possible and in best quality.
    Amen for you ,
    Manny, Roger, David and Sarah.


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