Church Reopening Survey

Reopening Survey
As the church is planning a limited reopening, our top priority is everyone’s safety as we adapt our ways of worshiping together. Please provide your inputs to the following questions. Ideally, only one respondent per household. Please note that the survey is anonymous.

Please choose what applies to you from the following statements below

  1. I’m worried about Sabbath School teachers/facilitators’ saliva escaping from the mouth while teaching/facilitating class discussions.

  2. will there be only one service on Sabbath? How about Sabbath School and other classes on Sabbath morning? Are there any plans for having an outdoor service where we can sit in our cars to watch and listen to the service” In that way, more people can take part in the service and we can sing in our cars and read responsive readings. we can have more singing in lieu of special music.

    • Thank you so much for your message. The reopening committee is still working on it, and the church leadership still has a lot of work ahead. Hence, we can’t definitively answer your questions at this point. However, what I can say is that, currently, we are not planning to have physical Sabbath School classes, and there would only be one service. Additionally, we don’t estimate that we have space or the technological infrastructure to accommodate a worship service in cars. Setting up a giant screen, FM radio transmission, etc. would be extremely costly and would put the people setting things up at risk. Plus, it would be an issue for those who don’t have a vehicle. Since we are offering a live stream service every Sabbath, everyone can join online in a safe and consistent manner.

      Again, things may change. No official decision has been taken yet, and we invite you to check the website regularly for more updates.

      • Thankyou. I am thinking of the seniors who will not feel comfortable in an enclosed setting. In some churches it is first come for the first 100 members which will my us all come early to get a seat with social distancing.


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