ADRA Aims to Raise $2.4 million to Fight Hunger

ADRA has 30 days to raise the remaining $1.7 million of its $2.4 million goal as a contribution to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank partnership, which will multiply our amount to $15 million! This will empower life-sustaining assistance in 13 countries. Knowing that your dollar will be multiplied many times over, are you ready to fight hunger? Willowdale currently ranks third in donations. Let’s see if we can climb the ranks!

On March 4, ADRA will highlight how Justice at the Table will save lives in Kenya, where years of drought have exchanged herds for hunger. ADRA Canada has been helping, but the need is far greater than our current capacity to respond. Our Justice at the Table campaign will expand our reach and ability to help those struggling to survive in Kenya. In this It is Written episode, Steve Matthews, ADRA Canada’s Executive Director, shares more about his visit to Kenya and what he saw of the hunger situation. It’s also available for download in the link below.

Justice at the Table Kenya


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