Acknowledgments from Joan Racho

Joan Racho wanted to express her gratitude after her delivery and baby dedication a few weeks ago,

Allow me to thank God for all the blessings He’s given me and my baby. I am very grateful that He spared my baby’s life and mine as we faced this critical situation during my delivery. I am also thankful for my Canadian family, who has supported me during my pregnancy. I would especially like to thank Auntie Norma Allen and the rest of her lesson study group, Auntie Analyn Bruce and the rest of her prayer Team, Aunt Amy Herbito, Aunt Rachelle Cacal, Jennifer Peart, Sister Betssie, Aunt Velma Quizon and her sister, and to all my dear Willowdale family. Thank you for all the prayers you offered for me and my baby and for your support. I would also like to thank Pastor Evadne Henry and Pastor Darren Godsoe for dedicating our baby Ishmael and all who witnessed our special day. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who are more than willing to help and guide my baby in all aspects of life, especially in his spiritual upbringing.


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