Apply for Tutoring Positions in After-School Programs

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The Community Service department at Willowdale Church is considering offering an online after-school program for grades 4 to 10. As a result, we are looking for individuals with skills in Math, English, Science, and Music to see if there is an interest. There would be some form of remuneration. Additionally, teaching experience is desirable but not essential. The subjects/programs offered for each grade will be dependent on the expertise of the available tutors. Furthermore, tutors with little to no computer experience will receive tutorials in computer technology. We welcome all those who are eligible to contact us by phone at (416) 636-2471 #11.

Preparatory Questions

Here are a few questions applicants will have to answer. The list is not exhaustive.

  • Do you have previous experience?
  • What grade level are you interested in teaching?
  • Are there subjects you’d prefer teaching?
  • Would you like to apply for tutorials/training? (E.g. zoom calls, etc)
  • Which days would work for you?
  • Which hours would be suitable for you?



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