A Reminder of Church Officers’ Commitment to Tithing

Our Nominating Committee has been working diligently for several months and is now ready to begin contacting church members to ask if they are willing to accept nominations to specific church offices.  This is an important time to remind you of a thoughtful action taken by our Church Board in March 2020.  Keeping in mind one of the vows taken by all members at baptism

“9. I believe in church organization.  It is my purpose to support the church by my tithes and offerings and by my personal effort and influence.”;

as well as the counsel in the Church Manual:

“All officers shall set an example in the matter of returning a faithful tithe to the Church.  Anyone who fails to set such an example shall not be elected to church office.” (72)

The Board voted that all church officers to be voted in for the next term will be required to sign a statement indicating a commitment to return a faithful tithe as a part of his or her commitment to God.  This is an honour system ultimately between you and God but is designed to encourage those taking church office to take personal responsibility in this important area.