Survey: Do you Still Require a Paper Sabbath School Quarterly?

Conference Morning Prayer Session – September 26, 2020

Maria McClean invites us to a session of praying and sharing. Indeed, the director of Health and Prayer Ministries at the Conference is organizing this recurring...

Help Us as We Aim to Always Be Better Stewards

Sabbath School Survey
Ordering Sabbath School quarterlies is very expensive. As more people move to digital platforms, we are surveying the church. We want to be good stewards and estimate how many lessons we should order.

  1. Pastors, is there a way that Willowdale Church can hold a virtual celebration of the Lord’s Supper (minus the foot washing). Other SDA churches have done it. I have my Kosher matzo bread and grape juice to serve as bread and wine. What are your thoughts? Thanks.


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