Update: Pastor Godsoe’s Farewell Program

Update, September 25, 2023

To ensure a wholesome meal after the program, please take note of what you should bring based on the first letter of your family name.

If your surname starts with:

  • A-D – Drinks & Pasta
  • E-H – Dessert & Fruit
  • I-O – Main Dishes
  • P-V – Main Dished
  • W-Z – Salads & Bread

In addition, you are welcome to bring extra food to share with everyone.

Original publication, September 15, 2023

Plan to join in a farewell program for Pastor Darren Godsoe and his family on Sabbath, October 14, at 4 p.m. We are also asking people who have photos of Pastor Godsoe and his family to send them by email to the church office.


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