OCLEA Prayer Vigil – March 3, 2023

The Ontario Conference calls all OCLEA members to pray for the Annual prayer vigil.  We can never pray too much nor gather together too often in prayer, as Paul admonishes us to do as we come closer to the coming of our Lord and Saviour. Plan to join in for OCLEA’s Prayer Vigil on Friday, March 3, 2023.  Come to be renewed, refreshed, and revived through prayer.

Attendees will reflect on Spiritual Wholeness and what they can draw from the life of Jesus. They will share brief testimonies about God’s goodness in our lives. They will also pray for one another in prayer rooms so your needs can be boldly placed before God’s throne through intercession. Plan for a prayer experience as devotional gems will shape our thoughts heavenward.

OCLEA Prayer Vigil Flyer