Update: Names for the 2024 Nominating Committee

Update, June 13, 2024

The Nominating Committee will meet after the worship service for a short time in the sanctuary by the organ.

Original publication, May 23, 2024

Here are the names that would be part of the nominating committee. They will first be read on Sabbath, May 25, and voted on in June 8.

  1. Yong-Da Cai
  2. Alden Cudanin
  3. Andrew Conroy
  4. Sarah Leah Civera
  5. Claudette Charles
  6. Marva Chase
  7. Fern Davis
  8. Sharon Facey
  9. Igor Kolesnyk
  10. Jennifer Lewis
  11. Loraine Romuar
  12. Selina Shankar
  13. Shashikala Sanjeev
  14. Patience Simango
  15. Faith Sprengel
  16. Chris Thyagaraj


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