Le Messager – The French Version

For Willowdale members who would prefer to receive (beginning in July) the new Le Messager magazine instead of the regular The Messenger magazine, you will need to contact the church office to request our secretary to change the language for your whole household to French in our eAdventist membership system.

Please take careful note of the following:

  • Unlike the monthly “The Messenger” magazine in English, “Le Messager” will be in French and will be published bi-monthly.

  • It will contain stories and articles adapted to the French-speaking community of Adventists across Canada.  It is not a direct translation of The Messenger, although it is similar.

  • Your household cannot receive both versions.  If you choose the French version, then the primary contact in your family in the eAdventist system will be changed to “French” under language, and beginning in July you will only receive the French version every other month.


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