Housing help for a young lady and mother in Toronto

The Manitoba Saskatchewan Conference is informing churches in Toronto that a mother and daughter are looking to move to the Toronto area by August and are looking for housing or a suite with an Adventist family.

Here is the information:
Mother: Gloria Lanza
Daughter: Sling Velasquez
Languages: Spanish & English

Sling Velasquez was one of the graduates from the first grade 12 graduating class from Prairie Central Adventist Academy in Winnipeg in June of 2021. She has been accepted at the University of Toronto in the Daniel’s Faculty of Architecture to start the 4-year BA in Architectural Studies, located at 1 Spadina Cres., Toronto, ON. Her mother, Gloria Lanza, will be accompanying her. Gloria and Sling have been in Canada for four years and are bilingual (Spanish/English). They are looking for accommodations to rent that are safe and affordable. They will arrive in Toronto in late August to get settled before the school year begins. If you can help with accommodations or know of reasonable accommodations for this young lady and her mother, please contact them at [email protected] or [email protected]. You can also call them at (431) 996-8814 or (204) 890-2067.