Welcome to Willowdale Seventh-day Adventist Church

Welcome to the website of the Willowdale Seventh-day Adventist Church. Our church motto is "United in Christ; the closer we come to Him, the nearer we shall be to one another." At Willowdale we aim to grow and nurture a close walk with Jesus and in turn grow and nurture positive and uplifting relationships with our church family and members of the greater community.

We are located in North York, a 15 minute drive north of downtown Toronto. We would love for you to browse our website and see what Willowdale Church is all about. Hopefully we will see you here soon.  For more information on where to find or contact us please click here.


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Watch and listen as Pastor Richard Roschman delivers a four part series: Digging for Treasure: Understanding the Book of the Ages. Watch and listen as he asks tough questions while also providing explanations to the truth behind the answers and concepts. Can you Trust the Bible? A Book Under Attack, What about the Hidden Books? Missing Gospels and other Mysteries of Bible History, How To Listen To God and Conspiracies Manuscripts and Bible Translations.